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Fully-featured, Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform.

We have thrown out the idea of expensive subscription plans that don't even guarantee breaking-even.

If your bots don’t profit you don’t pay. We only charge a 15% commission on your bots profit —nothing else.


Day Backtests.

1 Min.

Candle granularity.


Subscription fee.
BravoBot backtesting report

Features you'll love

Fully-featured, Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform.

24/7 Cloud-Based Trading

You can turn your computer off, and sleep easy knowing that your cryptocurrency bots are still running in the cloud.

Beautiful Analytical Dashboards

Stay up to date with the performance of your bots through our various interactive, auto-refreshing dashboards. See the screenshots below for more info.

Backtest your Strategies for Free

We have up-to 365 days worth of pricing data for most coins. Allowing you to see not just how good your bot performed in the last 7 days, but even in the last year.

Pay as you go

We have no upfront fees, or subscription fees. You pay as you go. We take a 15% commission on your bots profit.

Flexible Settings

All aspects of the bot are easily configurable. Our bots generate easy-to-understand reports, does a bot not perform as expected? Simply modify your settings, and re-run your backtest.


All your personal data is encrypted using military grade AES-256 encryption.



Take a sneak-peak at what BravoBot has to offer without having to register.

Select Coins To Trade

Select Coins To Trade

Manage Your Virtual Wallets

Manage Your Virtual Wallets

Analyze Bot Performance

Analyze Bot Performance

Create Unique Entry Strategies

Manage all your bots in the Control Panel

Analyze & Export Backtesting Tradelog

Analyze & Export Backtesting Tradelog

Utilize the Grid Exit Strategy to Manage Volatility

Utilize the Grid Exit Strategy to Manage Volatility

We have an arrangement, we think you will like

We believe everyone deserves equal access to our premium high-performance trading servers. We have thrown out the idea of expensive subscription fees that don't even guarantee break-even. Instead, if your bots don’t profit, you don’t pay. We only charge a 15% commission on your bot profits—nothing else.

$29 /mo
  • 1 GridBot
  • 7 day backtest
  • 15 minute candle granularity
$149 /mo
  • 2 GridBots
  • 30 day backtest
  • 5 minute candle granularity
$0 /mo
  • 10+ GridBots
  • 365 day backtest
  • Sub 1-minute candle granularity
  • Telegram Notifications
  • Beautiful Dashboards
  • Exportable backtesting reports
  • * BravoBot charges 15% on profits made by your bot.

Frequently asked questions

How will BravoBot charge me the 15% commission?

Our system requires users to pay in advance. Users can deposit as little as 5 USD worth of crypto on their account at a time. These funds will then be used to pay for the commission created by your bots.

What exactly do you mean by 15% commission on profit?

For example, if your bot bought a hypothetical coin called 'BravoBux' for $100, and then sold this coin for $101. Then the profit is $1. we then automatically take a 15% cut ($0.15) from your BravoBot account funds.

What happens if there are no account funds?

If your account does not have any funds, then your bots will finish off their current trade and stop working, until your account balance is replenished.

How can I replenish my account balance?

BravoBot accepts a variety of cryptos. Simply head to the top-up page in the application, and select your desired token. The token will then be exchanged at the current market rate and the USD equivalent will be accredited to your account.

What is BravoBot

BravoBot is a Fully-featured Customizable Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform.

BravoBot allows users to create automated trading strategies, test and analyze them, then deploy them in the real world. Letting your crypto work for you is simple on BravoBot as our algorithms run 24/7 in the cloud; the complete BravoBot application is accessible from your computer or phone. All you need is a web browser.

We do not have any payment plans; all our users have equal access to our premium high-performance servers, including sub-1 minute market scanning (often as low as 15 seconds) and a large historical pricing information database. BravoBot takes a small 15% commission from only the profit made by a user, meaning we only make money when you make money.

Getting started is easy; On BravoBot, there are two types of bots. ‘Backtesting bots’, which are simulated bots meant to test your strategy against historical data. And ‘Live bots’, which are bots running live against the current market.

After creating an account, head to the backtesting section and create your first backtesting bot. Unlike most cryptocurrency bots, we provide pricing data for most coins for up to 365 days. Allowing you to see how your backtesting bot performed not just in a recent bull run and in possible bear markets. Each backtest generates an extensive report, including a downloadable .CSV file, allowing the user to perform their own local analysis afterward. All this is at no cost to the user.

Once you have found your winning strategy, copy your backtesting bot to the live bot section to start running your strategy in the real world. You can attach your exchange API key in your account settings, allowing BravoBot to trade on your behalf. BravoBot also requires users to simply create what we call a ‘Virtual Wallet’, which is a way for you to split your single large exchange wallet up into smaller wallets on our system.

Virtual wallets allow for more precise separation of exchange funds between live bots. BravoBot has an in-depth dashboard for each live bot, as well as an aggregated dashboard for all your live bots combined, making it easier than ever to track the performance of your account.

We’re very excited for you to join us, join our social media groups to ask us questions, and pre-register to be the first to obtain access.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers you might be looking for.

How much does BravoBot cost?
It is in our best intention to make sure your bots make you money. We will take a 15% commission from the profit. We only get paid after you get paid.
BravoBot uses API keys to trade on your behalf. We require two permissions, the ability to read funds and trade on your behalf. If you have withdrawing permissions enabled, our platform will reject your API key. Your funds will stay on the exchange when the bot trades.
You can start with as little as 50 BUSD - Although we recommend at least 500 BUSD if you wish to utilize the Gridbot.
Users who pre-register will receive $10 worth of credit upon release for free and an early-bird badge. Effectively letting you earn your first $66 worth of profit for free!
We're planning to release in Q2 of 2022, in the meantime join our Telegram group & Discord to stay up to date with our updates. We also have a YouTube playlist of all our updates so far.