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Fully-featured, Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform.

All the features, but for none of the fixed costs. We have thrown out the idea of expensive subscription plans that don't even guarantee you breaking-even.

BravoBot only charge a 15% commission (up to $100/mo) on your bots profit —nothing else.


Day Backtests.

1 Min.

Candle granularity.


Subscription fee.
BravoBot backtesting report

Features you'll love

Fully-featured, Cloud-based Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform.

24/7 High-Performance Trading

BravoBot polls the market multiple times per minute. Thanks to BravoBot's distributed and scalable architecture, it can quickly react to market movements.

Actionable Dashboards

Understand your custom bots through our insightful, interactive dashboards. Whether you want to view a summary of all your bots or simply drill down on a single bot. We’ve got you covered.

Backtest With Confidence

BravoBot’s advanced backtesting empowers users to backtest their custom strategy on up to 365 days of historical data. Additionally, users can specify the starting and ending date of a backtest.

Trailblazing Pricing Structure

Transparent and low cost, get started for free. No subscription fees or hidden costs. Users pay as they profit. BravoBot earns a 15% commission when you make a profit (with a maximum monthly cap of $100).

Strikingly Flexible Settings

Each bot can have up to ten different strategies. Allowing for conditional logic like you have never seen before. Users can combine various indicators together with multiple timeframes. Furthermore, with a single click, users can migrate their bot between backtesting and live trading to validate the bot’s performance.

Secure & Transparent

Your BravoBot account is protected using industry-leading security protocols. BravoBot does not ask for withdrawal rights or private keys; BravoBot does not have the ability to withdraw funds from your exchange. All trades that BravoBot makes are also visible on the respective exchange on which it's trading.

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Take a sneak-peak at what BravoBot has to offer without having to register.

Select Coins To Trade

Select Coins To Trade

Manage Your Virtual Wallets

Manage Your Virtual Wallets

Analyze Bot Performance

Analyze Bot Performance

Create Unique Entry Strategies

Manage all your bots in the Control Panel

Analyze & Export Backtesting Tradelog

Analyze & Export Backtesting Tradelog

Utilize the Grid Exit Strategy to Manage Volatility

Utilize the Grid Exit Strategy to Manage Volatility

We have an arrangement, we think you will like

We believe everyone deserves equal access to our premium high-performance trading servers. We have thrown out the idea of expensive subscription fees that don't even guarantee break-even. Instead, if your bots don’t profit, you don’t pay. We only charge a 15% commission on your bot profits—nothing else.

$29 /mo
  • 1 Active Grid bot
  • 7 day backtest
  • 15 minute candle granularity
$149 /mo
  • 2 Active Grid bots
  • 30 day backtest
  • 5 minute candle granularity
$0 /mo
  • 10 Active grid bots
  • 365 Day backtest
  • 10+ Timeframes
  • Sub 1-minute candle granularity
  • Telegram notifications
  • Beautiful dashboards
  • Detailed reports

* BravoBot charges 15% on profits made by your bot (up to $100/mo).

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers you might be looking for.

Commission will be automatically subtracted from a user's BravoBot wallet once a bot has made a profit. BravoBot does NOT have access to withdraw from a user's exchange. Users can replenish their BravoBot wallet inside the app.
If your account does not have any funds, then your bots will finish off their current trade and stop working, until your account balance is replenished. Users can deposit as little as $5 worth of cryptocurrency to pay for the trading commission.
BravoBot knows how much profit you made in a trade. From this, it can subtract 15% from your BravoBot wallet. If you bought a cryptocurrency for $100 and sold it for $101, your profit is $1. BravoBot will subtract $0.15 from your BravoBot wallet ($1 * 15%). BravoBot has a maximum commission of $100/mo; Wherein after, the commission is lowered to 0% until the following month goes into effect.
Users can seamlessly deposit 12+ coins, including Lightning Network payments, using over 90 different wallets. The deposited cryptocurrency is exchanged at the moment of deposit to their US-dollar market value, which is reflected in the user's BravoBot wallet.
You can start with as little as 50 BUSD - Although we recommend at least 500 BUSD if you wish to utilize the grid bot; since the grid bot profits from market volatility, and to do that, you might have to perform multiple buys before a sell occurs.
Users who pre-register will receive $10 worth of credit upon release for free and an early-bird badge. Effectively letting you earn your first $66 worth of profit for free!