Our Story.

BravoBot’s development started in August 2021 by three close friends who were annoyed at the issues they faced while using crypto trading bots. Two of the core members were ‘crypto geeks’ since 2013, going through multiple market cycles, running a variety of mining rigs, and also trading crypto. With this holistic experience, they wished to improve the crypto trading bot landscape by improving on issues they faced in their previous experiences.

In August 2022, BravoBot officially became a registered legal company, and the first public version of BravoBot was released. Although looking very basic, this version stood on top of a strong and thought-out foundation, allowing for rapid development.

BravoBot is now experiencing rapid development cycles; thanks to community feedback and ambitious team members, we’re never short on new ideas to implement into the service.

Our Purpose.

We believe no one should have to pay for expensive, fixed-rate subscription plans that don’t even guarantee a profit.

Both big and small traders often find themselves pushed into expensive subscription plans just to be able to utilize standard trading tools. It is then up to the trader to find a way to make enough profit to pay for the plan and, on top, still make a profit.

We want to change the status quo with BravoBot. Everyone gets access to the same powerful toolset; This includes backtesting on one year of candlestick data, as well as trading on 1-minute candles, among other things. Best of all, with BravoBot, you only pay a 15% commission (on the profit) when you make a profitable trade. We are that confident in our service.

Our Values.

These values define who we are and what we, as a team, are trying to create.


We value security exceptionally highly. A lot of time was spent planning the system, allowing us to build a secure system from the ground up. Sensitive data is not only encrypted but also segmented into different systems. Our system rejects any attempt at adding an Exchange connection that has insecure permissions set.


We believe the community is the best source not only for future product development but also to help elevate other BravoBot members to greater heights. This is why we have recently added the ability for users to share their backtesting reports with others or even share it with a global leaderboard. You will always be able to chat directly with the community on our contact channels.


Maximizing profitability for users of BravoBot. Creating a proper business relationship with our users is vital; we charge only for profitable trades. From a business perspective, maximizing our users' profitability is in our best interest;this positive loop forces BravoBot to help maximize its user's profitability.


BravoBot users should trade with confidence. Markets are unpredictable, especially in crypto. Backtesting, which is running a bot against historical data, is vital in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a bot. We believe the ‘standard’ 7, 14, or 30-day backtests provide insufficient data. BravoBot’s core trading engine allows users to be able to run 365-day backtests, as well as clearly understand their performance, and even export the entire trading log as a .csv file.