The BravoBot Ambassador Program

Become a BravoBot ambassador and earn 30% revenue on every profitable trade made by your referees.

Your referees will earn their first $15 in profit for free!

BravoBot Ambassador Program.


Users that love sharing their passion for BravoBot with their audience can sign up for the BravoBot Ambassador program.

What is the BravoBot Ambassador Program?

The ambassador program is an extension of the affiliate program. However, the BravoBot affiliate Program instantly allows users to become a level 8 BravoBot affiliate. This means that ambassadors earn 30% of the revenue from each trade their referees make.
Ambassadors will also receive the ambassador role on Discord, and have access to an ambassador only chat.

What are the requirements to join the BravoBot Ambassador Program?

The BravoBot Ambassador Program requires users to share content (with a link to BravoBot) about BravoBot to their audience at least once per month.

What happens after I apply for the BravoBot Ambassador Program?

After applying, we will contact you shortly using the information provided in the application form.

What is meant with 'your referees will earn their first $15 in profit for free'?

If a user signs up using your referral code, they will receive $2.25 in free BravoBot credit. This allows the user to earn their first $15 in profit for free.