BravoBot Screenshots

See our platform in action with these screenshots showcasing our user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and real-time trading data visualization.

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screenshot of backtesting report

The BravoBot backtesting report, which is generated after a backtest is completed to visualize trading bot data.

screenshot of backtesting control panel

The BravoBot backtesting control panel, here users see an overview, and are able to control their backtesting bots.

screenshot of live bot analytics

The Live Bot Dashboard, here users can see aggregated information on all their live bots, on various timeframes.

screenshot of virtual wallet page

The virtual wallet page allows users to segment large funds on crypto exchanges into smaller wallets, which the trading bots can use.

screenshot of referral page

The referral page, showing statistics related to referral earnings earned on BravoBot.

screenshot of unified trade log

A complete and aggregated trade log allowing users to show all trades, of all bots, in one single exportable table.

screenshot of live control panel

The Live Bot control panel, allowing users to see how each of their live bot's are performing (some data is redacted in picture).

screenshot of bravobot documentation page

The BravoBot documentation page, containing all information required to start using BravoBot.

screenshot of bravobot top up page

The fund top-up page allowing users to add funds to their BravoBot trading account, to be used for paying commission.