The BravoBot Affiliate Program

Become a BravoBot affiliate and earn up to 30% revenue on every profitable trade made by your referees. Indefinitely.


Getting started.

To become an affiliate, simply create a free BravoBot account.

BravoBot users can find their referral link, and referral code in the Referral section of their account, along with all other tools and visualizations required.

Every user that signs up using your referral link will be assigned to you as a referral.

You can track all your referrals in the Referral section of your account.

Affiliate levels.

There are eight affiliate levels; the more you earn, the higher level you will become. The higher level you become, the higher percentage you will earn from your referees.

Level Referees Monthly Earnings Required Bonus (%)
1 $0+ 10%
2 $5+ 12%
3 $11+ 14%
4 $25+ 16%
5 153+ 18%
6 $1,773+ 20%
7 $9,773+ 25%
8 $22,273+ 30%

You will automatically move up the affiliate level system once you pass the associated required earnings for that level.

At the end of each month, a check is done to see if you earned enough in the previous month to stay at the current level, if not you might be re-adjusted.


Users can choose the appropriate advertising format: link / banner / video, to attact users users using personal recommendations and promotion via the Internet: website, forums, social networks, mailings and other tools.


Referee must make at least a single deposit worth 5 USD, for referer to start earning commission of them.



Payments from the referral earnings wallet are made upon request (found inside the Referral section of their account.)

Payments are made in BUSD. Users can opt to either top up their own internal BravoBot wallet from their earnings (minimum $5), or withdraw their earnings to an external BNB smartchain address (minimum $50).

Internal BravoBot wallet top-ups are instant, whereas external earnings withdrawals happen by email request.

BravoBot Ambassador Program.


To find out about the ambassador program please visit the ambassador page.